VCS is  the abbrevation of “Vietnam Safety Chemical”, a professional company of supplying, manufacturing and distributing chemical of famous manufacturer in the world which service in the industry. Following prosperity development Strategy with ten years views, the board of managerment lays down as a policy the development of brand image of VCS with criterions of modern, simpleness, reliability, consistency, remark and obviousness, especially core of VCS is Chemical Safety.Safety is the motto as well as guidline of VCS in its operation. It is also message VCS send to customers: “We always try to bring best quality, safest products to customers in order to ensure best prestige of VCS”Logo of VCS is a combination of characteristic symbol and characteristics word to  form the basic elements of the designed system to recognize the signs of VCS.Set of VCS logo shows modern as well as reliability and stylied from “VCS” character based on following ideas:

Part letter “V”  is stylised and based on image of a Vietnamese mythological bird – Lac bird flying flying, expressed a strong and far soar to overcome all the difficulties, search, discovery in order to complete the VCS features as well as showed fierce everlasting life of VCS as Lac bird.

Part letter “C” represents the essence of the VCS logo designing with gear icon stylized and integrated to characters. “C” represents clearly operating field of  VCS is in industry. In addition, the gear represents accuracy . In operation of a company, accuracy ensures safety for people and the company. Quantity of edge of gear is eight. In Eastside culture, number “8” represents the balance and also presents the whole universe. “4 sides  8 direction.” 8 edges of gear combines perfectly looks like incessantly moving implies development, beginning, power, aspiration for to be lived and devoted for life.

Image of chemiscal drop inside of the letter “C” indicates industry of VCS. It is outside surrounded by nice line. This presents safety of the industry as well as rich kind of VCS products. Especially, chemical drop is oriented horizontally toward letter “S”

S – safety-  is inspired by compass. In any situation, VCS is always in the right direction, straight towards to safety in order to deserve believes of the customers.

The combination of these factors forms a unity and  an integral harmony. It becomes the most distinctive element of the logo image as well as a factor to identify VCS. VCS phrase is stylized in equal, bold, big, strong bring a sense of safety, believes on great success of VCS.Used colors is unique bold blue. It creates a powerful visual effects of consistency and reliability. All icon scatter stablity, reliability. It is totally suitable for a industrial chemical company. It is moving inside quiet, stable but not rough, luxurious and meaningful.Logo highlights features of the industry, aesthetic and high norms. Everything just only exits once it always moving, moving in stable situation but not quiet. Positive moving makes possitive effect. The more important thing is moving in order to develop, forward to successful future.

Brand Story VCS



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